Attack of the Fanboy

Consumerist believes that Electronic Arts has insulted our intelligence

by William Schwartz


Electronic Arts’ COO Peter Moore recently came out and addressed his company’s inclusion in the yearly awards for America’s least consumer friendly company. The executive said that he thinks his company can do better, and hopes to do so. However, he also made comments that suggested his company should not be included in this nefarious companies.

EA could’ve shown the community the respect it deserves

Consumerist has fired back, and believes it is completely justified in including EA in this competition. The website explains that EA is not just thrown into the poll because it’s popular to hate EA. They say that Moore’s comments are “shifting the blame”, and have “insulted the intelligence” of the consumer.

“EA had the opportunity to show the gaming community the respect it deserves, but instead has insulted its intelligence by asking it to accept that its quite obvious faults are really just minor problems and that the actual source of the trouble are faceless, homophobic hatemongers.”

EA has yet to respond to the post, and likely won’t. Head here for Consumerists’ full reply to Moore’s comments.

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