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EA looking to avoid back-to-back worst company in America awards

by William Schwartz


EA is looking to avoid becoming the back-to-back award winner of ‘The Worst Company in America’ honors by The Consumerist. COO Peter Moore has recently taken to the company blog to plead the game makers’ case.

In a letter titled “We Can Do Better”, Moore outlined a lot of the things that we already know about the company, the problems that they’ve faced this year, and his plans to make it better for EA customers.

“I’ll be the first to admit that we’ve made plenty of mistakes,” said Moore as he outlined a number of missteps that the company made this year, including the messy launch of SimCity and vehement defense of micro-transactions.

But Moore also says that EA is “committed to fixing our mistakes…We’re constantly listening to feedback from our players,” which he says is vital and impactful on the decisions that the company makes.

You can catch the full “unbowed” letter over at

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