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Crash Bandicoot PS1 vs PS4 Pro Graphics Comparison

by Damian Seeto


Thanks to the PlayStation Experience event, we got our first look of the new PS4 version of Crash Bandicoot. Now we get to see how it fares against the PS1 original that came out back in 1996.

When Naughty Dog released Crash Bandicoot back in 1996, it was one of the most impressive looking games on the console. If you were born in that era (like me), you’ll know what I mean.

The series continued to show how much better the graphics could get. Crash Bandicoot 2 added cool looking ice levels while the underwater and jet ski environments were impressive in the third game.

Sadly after Crash Team Racing, Naughty Dog decided to do new things and the series was never been the same after that. Activision owns the license and didn’t do anything for many years.

Thankfully fans demanded something new and now we have the Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy. This includes all of the three games in one package with a major overhaul in the visuals.

Unlike most remasters, the graphics in this collection have been built from the ground up. YouTube user, Cycu 1, has uploaded a video comparing how the PS1 version fares to the new game running on the PS4 Pro. The differences are stunning to say the least.

From the looks of things, the gameplay has remained the same but minor changes have been added. The save system has been improved in the first game and you can retry bonuses now.

Anyway, the video below shows you how much technology has come over the last 20 years. This will be the first time in the series that it has been rendered in 4K. The game will be out sometime in 2017. You can check out the video below for the graphics comparison between the two versions.

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