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The Crew Downloaded 3 Million Times On Xbox One During Games With Gold Promo

by Mike Guarino


The Crew was made available to download for free during Microsoft’s monthly Games with Gold promotion, and it ended up enjoying a lot of success during that period of time. This comes after the game’s disappointing launch and gradually-shrinking player base, as the game suddenly has a lot more attention again.

During a recent earnings call, Ubisoft CFO Alain Corre revealed that the game was downloaded a staggering 3 million times during the Games with Gold program. This was a massive boost for Ubisoft in the sales department, as the accompanying revenue gain was over a third of the revenue generated over the game’s entire lifespan.

Despite the mixed reviews that the game has received, the game has been tweaked since launch and has received new content to keep those on board from jumping ship. It most recently got the Wild Run expansion, which offered new vehicles, enhanced visuals and additional missions.

Corre goes on to say that that’s “A great achievement for a title released 19 months ago,” while also noting that there are now 8 million registered players spread across all platforms.

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