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Bungie Confirms Crimson Days Are Returning to Destiny 2

by William Schwartz


Bungie will be hosting the return of Crimson Days in Destiny 2, an event which hasn’t been seen since 2016.  Rumors recently popped up regarding the in-game event when a data miner found some interesting files in the game that saw scripts of dialogue that directly named the event. This Reddit user discovered files that also suggested there will be a number of cosmetic items to be earned during the event, which include emotes, shells, ornaments, shaders, mods, transmat effects, and sparrows.

Following the speculation, Bungie quickly jumped in to confirm the rumor. Cosmo23 of Bungie quickly replied with the following, “The rumors are True. Crimson Days is coming back. It won’t be the same as last time (2016). We will talk about how it is changing in the blog update on Thursday.”

This news which comes out of the Destiny 2 Reddit is falling on many deaf ears as the community for the game has grown quite toxic toward the developer and the live events that seem to be geared solely around microtransactions.

The Dawning, which recently concluded, landed with a thud for a vocal group of Destiny 2 players. The Dawning was a holiday themed Live Event which was also tied quite closely to Tess Everis and the Eververse.

When Crimson Days ran back in 2016 it was a limited time event that threw a new skin on the Tower, and allowed players to participate in a unique Crucible Playlist called Crimson Doubles.  The event offered new quests and new bounties from Lord Shaxx that would allow you to earn exclusive gear.

Bungie just can’t seem to please their fans with anything they’re doing with Destiny 2 at this point.  Browsing any forum for the game is showing that the community is growing jaded towards the title, despite Bungie’s stated efforts of trying to change things for the better.

For now, we’ll have to give Bungie the benefit of the doubt until they fully explain what Crimson Days is for Destiny 2. Right now, there are many players that are already jumping the gun in saying that this will most certainly be structured similarly to The Dawning. Perhaps Bungie will make some changes to please fans, but we won’t know until Thursday when Bungie makes their weekly address to fans.

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