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Dark Souls 3 PC Will Run at 60 FPS, Despite Rumors of Low Framerate Lock

by Kyle Hanson


Dark Souls 3 will run at 60 FPS on PC according to a tweet from the game’s official account. The tweet was necessary as rumors were flying around the internet this morning of a very low framerate lock for the game, keeping it at 30 FPS, even on PC. As the first game in the series was notorious for its buggy and troubled PC release, many believed these rumors, despite Bandai Namco and From Software saying that they put extra emphasis on the PC release for Dark Souls 3.

That original title ended up essentially requiring community made mods to get the game running at typically acceptable levels on PC. However, that doesn’t seem like it will be necessary for Dark Souls 3, as the developer seems to have put effort into courting this ever more important group of gamers.

While specifying that the game runs at 60 FPS might upset some, who wish for a totally unlocked framerate allowing for 120 or more, it makes sense and should be high enough to satisfy most gamers, even on PC. The Dark Souls series has never been known for top of the line performance and graphics, and while Dark Souls 3 should be a step up, largely thanks to shifting to the newer generation of consoles, it might still require some fiddling to get it working in top form.

Dark Souls 3 hits PS4, Xbox One, and PC on April 12th outside of Japan.

- This article was updated on:March 9th, 2018

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