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Dark Souls 3 Possibly Releasing ‘Early 2016’

by William Schwartz


Despite all the rumors and speculation, Dark Souls 3 remains unconfirmed by Bandai Namco whom are likely announcing the game during E3 2015 next week, but it seems that a release window has been given and confirmed.

Fans know that Dark Souls 3 has to come at some point, but it seems that Miyazaki is behind it this time and that we will see some returning aspects from another From Software release, Bloodborne. Now, an image released by IGN has revealed that the game will be coming in ‘Early 2016’ from Bandai Namco Entertainment. The image in question is said to be a promotional image that IGN was able to obtain. It looks pretty darn real and the character shows tathered clothing so maybe we might see cosmetic damage this time around? Who knows. Any Dark Souls 3 news is good news at this point.

The release date seems about right in line with the usual schedule of what feels like yearly From Software titles now. If I was a betting man I would expect the game to release sometime in March 2016. Fans should expect an ‘official’ announcement from Bandai Namco Entertainment in the coming days. Either way, it looks like players will be able to die all over again soon enough.

Dark Souls 3 is expected to release on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

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