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The Dark Souls Series Will End After Release Of Dark Souls 3 DLC, Developer Confirms

by Mike Guarino


While we have heard several times before that Dark Souls 3 was set to be the point where developer From Software begins to leave the Souls series behind and start focusing on other games, the company’s president has now provided further details regarding the situation. While there’s still DLC on the way that will keep the series going a little while longer, once that has been released the series is over.

The news was revealed by Polygon, who recently spoke with From Software president Hidetaka Miyazaki. When they asked him about whether or not the final DLC for Dark Souls 3 would mark the end of the series, he apparently replied with an immediate yes.

He went on to say that it’s “time to move away from the Dark Souls franchise. As president of From Software, I’m not completely denying the possibility of bringing back the franchise in the future. There could be someone else in my company who wants to work on new installments. But we believe that the series will end after the two [Dark Souls 3] DLC.”

The first of the two Dark Souls 3 DLC will be Ashes of Ariandel, which launches on October 25th. The final DLC is set to launch next year, though specific information or a release date have not yet been revealed.

- This article was updated on:September 21st, 2016

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