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DCUO War Of The Light Part 2 Now Available For Members

by William Schwartz


The Sony Online Entertainment All Access membership grants players an array of perks throughout all their PC titles from Everquest to Planetside 2. With DCUO also being on the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4, the benefits stretch to console. Fans can now get early access to DCUO War Of The Light Part 2 via their membership.

Sony Online Entertainment has announced that DCUO War Of The Light Part 2 is available right now for All Access members across all platforms, those on PlayStation consoles will only need to download the content from the PSN Store to play as long as they have an active All Access membership. DCUO War Of The Light Part 2 is the next part in the uneasy alliance of Hal Jordan and Sinestro.

The expansion has an array of solo content, new dailies, new duos, four, and eight player content. It will include new items to customize your base, new PvE items, character select background and new collections and feats to complete.

To access this content in-game simply look for “Warriors Of Light II” in your mission journal and go to Mogo’s Command Center (Heroes) or Ranx’s Command Center (Villains) to start your journey. Combat rating for these string of missions is 106. So get ready and take on the next chapter in the War Of The Light story.

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