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Dead or Alive 6 Beta Available for PS Plus Subscribers

Get some training in before time's up

by Jacob Bukacek

Dead or Alive 6 was recently delayed to March 1, but fans can get some early hands-on time with the game right now if they want. Starting today, PS Plus subscribers can download and play the Dead or Alive 6 beta through the PlayStation Store. From now until January 14, they’ll have access to the game’s online mode and have their choice of four returning characters and one newcomer: Diego “The Uncrowned Street Hero.” The other four characters are: Anyane, Hayabusa, Hayate, and Kasumi. Only one stage will be available for the duration of the beta, that being the “DOA Colosseum” with its exploding ring ropes activated.

Koei-Tecmo and Team Ninja also released a new trailer alongside the Dead or Alive 6 beta which showcases some of the game’s main features and spotlights the pre-order characters Nyotengu and Phase 4. In the trailer above, fans can see the games “Triangle System” in action. It’s basically a simple rock-paper-scissors system governing move types: strikes beat throws, throws beat holds, and holds beat strikes. Learn this and it should make carrying and breaking combos that much easier once the full game launches.

It looks like Team Ninja is trying to avoid the mistakes made by other recent fighting games in that Dead or Alive 6 appears to have a full suite of features available for players to enjoy. It’s story mode appears to offer a short campaign for each fighter, character customization and research, training, online multiplayer, and six arcade-style modes. Assuming these are all present at launch, that’s a much better package than games like Street Fighter V and Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite were able to muster at first. The game may have been delayed, but the wait just might be worth it.

Dead or Alive 6 launches for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on March 1.

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