Deep Rock Galactic Leaves Early Access with 1.0 Launch

Assemble your crew and pilfer Hoxxes IV for riches...if you can survive.

by Brandon Adams
Deep Rock Galactic Leaves Early Access with 1.0 Launch

After two years of Early Access, space-dwarf mining simulator Deep Rock Galactic has finally struck gold. Well, metaphorical gold: the game has officially launched with the 1.0 update for both PC and Xbox One! Ghost Ship Games released a synth-heavy release trailer to hype the release, which does a good job of displaying what makes this game special.

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I haven’t played the game in a year, but I absolutely adored what was on offer at the time. Deep Rock Galactic is like the strange alien evolution of Left for Dead, but with the mining from Minecraft. That comparison doesn’t entirely do the game the justice, though, but it gives you an idea what to expect: dig deeper and deeper underground with a small party of dwarves while chasing an objective and surviving an onslaught of creepy space-bugs intent on chewing your face and beard off. This all doesn’t count as overtime, per management.

The polished voxel-based aesthetic, superb 80s influenced synthwave soundtrack, and general enjoyment found in playing a space-dwarf mining for riches in one of the galaxy’s most hostile work environments were all sublime last year, and with this full launch I’m sure Deep Rock Galactic is even better than before. Now that the game has more enemy types, additional biomes, and a deeper endgame I will most certainly pop my head back in to plunder the depths of Hoxxes IV with my trusty Driller (being able to simply brute-force my way to extraction is amazing, what more can I say?).

Expect a review in the coming days, but until then check out the launch trailer for yourself. Deep Rock Galactic is on both PC (Steam) and Xbox One.

- This article was updated on May 26th, 2020

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