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Destiny 2 Announced With First Official Teaser Image

by Mike Guarino


We had been hearing plenty of rumors about Destiny 2 over the past week or so, with an alleged promo poster for the game leaking that revealed the game’s key art and release date. It seems that the leak wasn’t a fake, as now Bungie has released the game’s first official teaser image for everyone to speculate over.

The teaser image that is featured at the top of this post is all that was shared on the game’s official Twitter account, showing Earth’s Last City on fire. The Destiny title along with a massive “2” sits right in the middle of it, which seems to confirm that the game won’t have any kind of subtitle. This is all we have to go on for now, unfortunately, but we can at least confirm that the previous leaks were legitimate.

Going back to the previous leak, outside of the alleged September release date there is apparently also going to be a PlayStation 4-exclusive beta. We know that it will be coming to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, but there are also rumors suggesting that the game could also be coming to PC. The original game never saw a PC release despite there being a lot of demand for it, so the sequel getting a PC release would be a first for the series.

We have very little confirmed information regarding Destiny 2, but we do know that Activision and Bungie are aiming to broaden the appeal of the franchise. The original game launched to mixed reviews before it got tweaked over the course of several expansions, so with that prior experience of what worked and what didn’t the company likely has a better idea of what to focus on with the sequel. We also know that you won’t be able to transfer over your equipment from the first game, with the developer wanting a level playing field for everyone in the sequel.

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