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Destiny 2 Teaser Trailer Released, Full Reveal Set for March 30th

by Kyle Hanson


Bungie has released the first official teaser trailer for Destiny 2 following the very first image from the game, which was released a couple of days ago. In the new trailer, which you can see below we get an idea of what might be in store for players in the upcoming shooter game.

Titled “Last Call”, the trailer stars Nathan Fillion’s Cayde-6 character. The trailer is much more story focused than one might expect from the very gameplay heavy franchise. That’s not to say you will see any spoilers here. This is certainly a teaser trailer, and not a full reveal for the game. It’s all in CG and has a tinge of humor to it, with Cayde-6 telling a story about an attack.

The bar is then hit with enemy fire and Cayde-6 gets back into the action. Bungie then teases us even more with a full, worldwide reveal for Destiny 2 set for March 30th at 10am Pacific Time. This should be where we really get an idea of what is new and different in the game, including any story developments since the first game and its many DLC expansions.

Destiny 2 will not allow players to carry over their progress, with many speculating that there will be some sort of story explanation for the character reset. This also means that Bungie could be going in bold new directions with the franchise, which has sold millions and kept an extremely active and interested fanbase attached to the game.

Destiny 2 will likely be a massive hit, though many wonder if Bungie will repeat their mistakes from the first game’s rocky start. Destiny has some very dedicated fans, but it did see some backlash against its choices in story and gameplay. Will Bungie continue to double down on the audience that they gained with the first game, or will they try to branch out more? We should know more on March 30th.

Destiny 2 – “Last Call” Teaser

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