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Destiny 2 Was Originally Scheduled For 2015 Release

by Dean James


Destiny released exactly one year ago and quickly became one of the most talked about games of 2014, for good and bad reasons. Following two sets of DLC, we are getting the first major expansion with The Taken King, but according to a recent lawsuit, originally we would have been getting Destiny 2 instead.

Recently, former Bungie composer Marty O’Donnell won a lawsuit against his former employer, which has led to some interesting documents being released in the process, while also shedding some light on Destiny’s development and Bungie’s original plans for release.

We had already learned recently from these documents that Destiny had a drastically different story a year prior to its release, but now we know details of the original release plans for Destiny thanks to VideoGamer’s scouring through the documents.

Listed were details of four different individual Destiny games, as well as one major expansion that was planned for after that fourth game. Before the story was completely revamped, the original Destiny was planned for 2013 it appears, with what would be Destiny 2 actually scheduled for this month.

Further beyond that, they had a two year plan for Destiny 3 and 4 also, schedule for 2017 and 2019 respectively, with that bigger expansion coming in 2020.

It is intriguing to see what Bungie’s plans were before the year delay for Destiny to 2014. We are getting a pretty big expansion with The Taken King next week, but one has to wonder if they are going to be putting out Destiny 2 next year, just pushing their initial plans back by one year.

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