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Destiny Beta Codes Grant Three Download Keys


We’re a week away from the Destiny beta on PlayStation (add about another week for Xbox consoles) and given how close we are now, Bungie is asking registrants to select their preferred platform. Bungie’s Destiny beta registration site updated today for those that have redeemed a beta code, most of which were obtained via pre-order, showing a list of available platforms and regions for the beta. Be sure you select the right combination of the two pieces of information because you’ll be locked in once you save your preference. The codes themselves won’t appear in email inboxes until the 17th though.

The biggest surprise, however, followed the selection screen, where registrants were informed that their beta code would grant them three download keys. This means that you and two of your (carefully chosen) friends can all take part in the Destiny beta with a single beta code. The reason for this is simple: Bungie wants players to be able to have “enough to field a full Fireteam”. For those that don’t recall, Destiny’s Fireteam’s are limited to three members.

With this setup, players will be given the best representation of how they will be playing the full game when it launches this September.

- This article was updated on:August 14th, 2014

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