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Destiny Official Live Action Trailer Revealed

by Kyle Hanson

Destiny is less than a week away from its release date so Bungie is opening the floodgates of trailers and previews. Today’s reveal is of the official live action trailer, which adds a bit of fun to the mix. It shows three players exploring the Moon, Mars, and Venus while they battle enemies and do all sorts of fun stuff. Instead of the usual trailer full of sweeping music and epic story teases, this one has a more fun and irreverent tone.

A Fireteam heads out on an epic, action-packed road trip across our Solar System to face our enemies

Bungie describes the trailer by saying “A Fireteam heads out on an epic, action-packed road trip across our Solar System to face our enemies, take back what is ours and, in the end, Become Legend.”  The work that went into making this trailer must have been immense. Costumes, props, and locations are all great looking and probably cost a lot of money to put together. As usual when I see a trailer like this it just makes me want a movie to be made. Without seeing the full game it is tough to judge whether a Destiny movie would turn out well, but this trailer makes a decent case for it. We all saw how the Halo movie turned out though, so I’m not getting my hopes up.

Bungie has a great track record when it comes to live action trailers. The Halo series had a few stand-out entries, such as the Halo 3: ODST trailer. This video showed the making of a UNSC officer as they go through training and become a soldier ready to take on the Covenant. The “Believe” trailer was fantastic as well, although it featured a diorama instead of actual actors.

Destiny will be available on PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One on September 9th.


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