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Destiny Replaced Peter Dinklage due to ‘Hollywood Nonsense’ says Bungie

by Kyle Hanson


Peter Dinklage’s performance as Destiny’s Ghost has been the subject of a multitude of criticism, discussion, and supposition. His sometimes lackadaisical voice over has been defended, and hated by thousands, possibly millions. It all came to a head with last week’s announcement that Peter Dinklage would no longer be the voice of Ghost in Destiny, having his entire performance replaced by Nolan North.

However, the question remained, why? Why was Bungie going through the trouble of re-recording the entire script for Ghost, and using a different actor going forward? While the performance was seemingly pretty bad from Dinklage, it wasn’t game breaking, and could have been left in with a new Ghost taking over going forward.

Fans speculated that it was due to the criticism, that Bungie wanted a new take on the character. But according to an interview between Game Informer and Bungie’s Luke Smith and Mark Noseworthy, it was simply down to “Hollywood nonsense”.

“It’s more on the nonsense side of things. Dinklage was awesome to work with on Destiny 1, but we need to work with someone who is more available. Nolan’s just a pro, this is his thing. We can call him up and say ‘hey, next week we’re doing an internal play test’ and it’d be great to get the Ghost dialogue in there. And he’s available.”

An added benefit of having an actor who can record more lines is that Ghost will play more into the story of Destiny. The story was the main focus of the interview, so head over to hear more about how The Taken King will shift Destiny’s story focus going forward.

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