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When Is The Destiny: Rise of Iron DLC Expansion Going Live?

by Dean James


Destiny first released two years ago and got a major overhaul with the release of The Taken King last year. With Destiny 2 likely coming next year, the next big expansion has arrived with Destiny: Rise of Iron, but those that picked it up at midnight may notice they can’t play it quite yet.

Destiny: Rise of Iron is available as a digital download for those that own Destiny already, but there is also what is known as Destiny: The Collection out in retail as well. This $59.99 game combines the original Destiny, The Taken King, Rise of Iron, and the other DLC packs into one package, though some of it is just a digital code to go along with the included Destiny disc.

Anyone that goes on their PS4 or Xbox One right now may notice that the game is still showing as not available to use, but rather for pre-order. If you order now, you can go ahead and pre-load, but cannot access the content. The same goes for those that went out and bought Destiny: The Collection at midnight.

Instead, Bungie is releasing the Rise of Iron expansion a little later into the night, at 2:00 am PT to be exact. This is a little uncommon compared to some other games that typically release at midnight ET.

So just know not to be worried if you have pre-loaded the game and cannot access it at this time. Instead, just look to gain access in a few hours from the time of this writing.

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