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Destiny The Taken King Expansion Unveiled Officially, Coming In September

by Dean James


Destiny launched last September as the next great adventure from Bungie and has had two DLC expansions released since. Neither has felt like a true expansion that MMOs are known for, but the now officially announced Taken King looks to do just that.

While multiplatform, Destiny has always felt like a PlayStation title due to the close partnership between Sony and Bungie. As a result, the Sony E3 conference was the perfect spot to give us our first look at The Taken King.

The Taken King DLC expansion almost makes Destiny feel like an entirely different game from what we have been playing over the last year, adding plenty of new content to where it almost feels like a sequel.

Not only did we get the reveal, but also the release date on September 15. This is very fitting as it’s barely over a year after the release of the original game. Stay tuned for the official trailer for The Taken King when it is uploaded soon.

Make sure to stay tuned all day and for the rest of the week to Attack of the Fanboy for the best coverage on not only this game, but plenty more. For all of the info you may have missed yesterday, make sure to check out our Day -1 Wrap Up Video as well.

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