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Destiny Update 2.0 Detailed, Raises Level Cap and Prepares Game for The Taken King

by Kyle Hanson


With year one of Destiny wrapping up, Destiny: The Taken King is right around the corner. This means we also have a huge update to get ready for the upcoming DLC expansion. Destiny Update 2.0 is hitting today, changing the game for all players, even those that don’t buy The Taken King.

Destiny Update 2.0 changes a ton of things about the game, including raising the level cap to 34, splitting off light levels and bringing your character in line what what you have now, various weapon stat changes, and much, much more.

Pretty much every system inside of Destiny is impacted in one way or another from Update 2.0. The biggest shift seems to be the aforementioned level changes, which split off light levels from your main character level. Destiny will take all of your owned items into consideration before assigning you the highest level possible. You can then raise your character level and your light level separately from now on.

The level cap is also being raised to 34 for all players, with another raise to 40 coming when The Taken King hits on September 15th. Lots of other changes are coming though, so check out the full patch notes to see everything.

Destiny: The Taken King hits PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One on September 15th.

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