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Destiny Vets Getting ‘Something Better’ than The Taken King Collector’s Edition Content says Bungie

by Kyle Hanson


Bungie is currently embroiled in a fair bit of controversy surrounding their latest expansion to the mega popular FPS, Destiny. The Taken King promises to revamp the game in many ways, bringing new content and various in-game items. However, the price for these things is high, and the only way to get every single thing on offer is to buy the Collector’s Edition, which means current players have to buy the base game all over again.

This has caused quite a bit of backlash from fans, but according to a report from Forbes, there is something coming that should soothe those who are most upset. “Year One players won’t get the same perks as people who buy a collector’s edition” said Bungie Community Manager Deej. “They’ll get something better. Tune into the Weekly Update for more.”

The things that have caused the most controversy are the dancing emotes and other exclusive items that can only be acquired by buying the Destiny: The Taken King Collector’s Edition. Three emotes, and a number of other exclusives are available in the pack, and Bungie has come forward to say that it is the only way to get them, with the company not even offering them for purchase separately in game.

Whatever this “something better” might be could be along the same lines, meaning something small and cosmetic that doesn’t directly impact the game. Could it be the “exclusive emblem, shader, and a sparrow and some other things in the tower” that we learned about in our interview with Mark Noseworthy, or is this something else that was crafted due to the current outrage? We’ll have to wait and see, and keep checking the Bungie Weekly Updates for more.

Destiny: The Taken King launches on September 15th, 2015.

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