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Destroy All Humans! Remake Makes Contact in July

Crypto returns later this summer.

by Brandon Adams


Destroy All Humans! was a zany kill-em-all back in 2005 that satirized 1950s alien invasion films with tongue firmly planted in cheek, and today THQ Nordic revealed when the remake will arrive.

Destroy All Humans! touches down July 28th.

The evil alien simulator will launch July 28th on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. The updated Destroy All Humans! isn’t an entirely new game per se, but a remake of the original. The level layout and voice acting are the same as they were back in 2005, just all tucked within a fresh new body. The basic premise remains the same as well: you’re on Earth to undermine the American government and to harvest human DNA by any (almost entirely violent) means necessary.

If you’ve ever seen Tim Burton’s schlocky Mars Attacks! you have a good idea what to expect. Death rays, tractor beams, secret agents, and a cartoonish interpretation of 1950s Cold War culture are all par the course in Destroy All Humans! Would I prefer a new game? Yes, but I did enjoy the original when it debuted…lord, 15 years ago. THQ Nordic has been on a remake/remaster spree of late, likely gauging interest for their massive catalog of IP. Who knows, if this remake sells well then maybe Crypto will live to invade another day.

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