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Deus Ex GO, Just Cause GO And Life Is Strange GO May Be In The Works

by Mike Guarino


Square Enix’s GO series that has transformed the likes of Hitman and Lara Croft into mobile puzzle games has been very successful, and if recent domain registrations are anything to go by then it looks like there are at least a few more on the way.

A NeoGAF user spotted domain registrations for Deus Ex GO, Just Cause GO and Life is Strange GO recently, which were registered using CSC Domain Tools. This is notable because it is a tool that publisher Square Enix has used in the past, and they’re responsible for the previous GO games.

While the registrations of these domains don’t necessarily mean that these games are on the verge of being announced or even that they’re in development, they do suggest that Square Enix certainly isn’t done with the GO series and that is a very good thing.

Hitman GO was recently released on PlayStation consoles, which brought the fantastic mobile game to consoles in a flawless port. You can check out our review for it by clicking right here.

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