Developer Talks Briefly On Nintendo NX Indie Game And Its Controller

by Damian Seeto
Nintendo NX

A developer has briefly talked about the indie game he’s been working on for the Nintendo NX console. He also talked a bit on how unique the controls will be as well.

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As reported by NintendoEnthusiast, Bplus Games is developing a follow-up title to Puzzlebox Setup which was on the 3DS. The new game is being developed for Steam and now for the Nintendo NX console too.

Bplus Games dev, Bernd Geiblinger, answered a few things about the new game being on the NX console on his Facebook page. He made some interesting comments about the development for the game on Nintendo’s upcoming new console.

A fan wanted to know if the new game would be updated on 3DS. He answered: “Not possible, this game is made for NX but modified to be released on Steam earlier, because sadly I’m not able to wait til NX and need to release this game soon.”

He also said the new game will be different on PC and Nintendo NX. This is because the NX has access to a different control scheme. He said: “Because of the controls you will be able to use 8 different colors instead of 4… which opens possibilities to completely different pictures and modes for NX Version

From that last comment, it sounds like the NX opens up more options compared to traditional style of controllers. It has been rumored the controller is a touchscreen and developers can adapt it on how they want it to be.

His closing statement was: “You will definitely see Kubi traveling back to the old Bit-Eras on NX. Stay tuned. Cannot talk about something specific before Nintendo announces the new platform.”

Hopefully the Nintendo NX console is revealed very soon. All the rumored details sound very interesting. New technology is always exciting to see.

- This article was updated on March 7th, 2018