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Developer tools closing the gap between Xbox One and PS4


Contrary to popular opinion, the gap is closing between the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4 when it comes to performance. That is, according to Oddworld Inhabitants co-founder Lorne Lanning. Lanning tells Xbox Achivements that the Xbox One toolset is evolving rapidly to catch the PS4.

I don’t see a huge gap like there used to be, says Oddworld developer

“We’re hearing and seeing that that curve is getting closer,” says Lanning. “I think they’ve been improving the toolset really fast, improving the development environment and shaving that curve down…I think they’re getting comparable.”

“I have to say, the PlayStation 4 has been pretty amazing and that’s where we’ve been spending a lot of our time,” Lanning continued. “But I don’t see a huge gap like there used to be. There used to be a significant gap.”

Does this mean that we’ll be seeing multiplatform releases on equal footing going forward? So far, the PlayStation 4 has had the edge when it comes to third party games. Tomb Raider, Metal Gear Solid, Battlefield, Call of Duty and others, have all seen higher resolutions on the PlayStation 4.

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