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Developers name PS4 the best console


Sony’s PlayStation 4 was named as the top console in Develop Online’s recent Develop 100 Tech List. Besting the Xbox One, Wii U, 3DS, and PS Vita, the PlayStation 4 took the top spot among consoles, in a list which was comprised of many different types of game tech. This included game engines, accessories, and other types of hardware and software.

While no console came out at the very top of the list, Sony’s PS4 was named as the best console in the group, placing 5th overall. The Raspberry Pi, a tiny, credit card sized computer took the top honors. Epic’s Unreal Engine 4, The Unity development platform, and Oculus Rift rounded out the top five. You can catch the full list here.

Microsoft’s Xbox One indeed fell in the top ten, placing 7th among those who voted. Steam Machines, Wii U, and handheld platforms placed further down the list.

Develop says that voting was done by Industry Experts, Technology Officers, and Indie developers.

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