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Devil May Cry 5 Sales Have Already Hit 2 Million

Capcom's redemption arc continues.

by Jelani James


Capcom has been having a fantastic 2019 thus far. Just weeks after reporting strong numbers for Resident Evil 2, Devil May Cry 5 is doing much of the same, now having reached 2 million sales.

The news came at the Game Developers Conference, with director Hideaki Itsuno revealing that Devil May Cry 5 already managed to reach this milestone despite it not even being out a full month yet — news that comes just weeks after Capcom confirmed the game now stands as the company’s second-biggest launch on Steam ever.

As mentioned before, Capcom is doing exceptionally well this year, already releasing two GOTY contenders and we’re only in March.

That said, one has to wonder whether this is momentum Capcom will be able to maintain for the remainder of the year. Beyond these two games (and Onimusha: Warlords), the only other major release the develoer/publisher has in the pipeline is Monster Hunter World: Iceborne and that is only coming near the end of the year. Will everything else be able to keep everyone’s attention for the time being? It’s indeed possible, but maybe if Capcom made some announcements about some fighting games or Dragon’s Dogma then such an outcome would be more likely.

Of course, all that is purely hypothetical. In the meantime, let’s see if Devil May Cry 5 has what it takes to hit more milestones and encourage Capcom to continue going this route.

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