Attack of the Fanboy

Diablo 3 Director leaves social media behind

by William Schwartz


Diablo 3 Game Director Jay Wilson has left the Twitterverse after removing his personal account from the online service. The Blizzard developer who frequently updated his followers with news about Diablo 3, has apparently had enough abuse from the community.

Wilson has caught a lot of flak in 2012 since the release of Diablo III. Out of the gate, connection issues with the game’s controversial always online approach gave the community a ton of ammunition to fire at the developer. Since then, the director has been issuing updates about incoming patches, and the illusive PvP gamemode, but little has changed since the launch. Updates have added some new content like the Infernal Machine dungeons, but players have been begging for a more balanced economy in Diablo 3 as well as better endgame content.

Does this say anything about the future of PvP for Diablo 3? Well there hasn’t been much talk out of Blizzard recently, but they do still plan on releasing additional content for the game through expansions, which CEO Mike Morhaime revealed recently.

Details on Diablo 3 PvP have yet to be finalized according to Blizzard, but without Wilson’s updates via Twitter, these details could be few and far between.

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