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Director Paul W.S. Anderson talks Resident Evil 6 movie


The Resident Evil series has been popular media for both video games and its film adaptations. Director Paul W.S. Anderson has revealed during the Beijing International Film Festival this past weekend that a Resident Evil 6 film is in the works.

According to China’s CCTV, Anderson revealed that he is currently writing the script for Resident Evil 6. During the film festival, Anderson also spoke of 3D playing a big role in the upcoming film. With the latest film technology has allowed for a wonderful filming experience and will be a fabric of the filming process rather than a special effect. Though this won’t be a complete change up as Resident Evil: Afterlife and Resident Evil: Retribution also featured 3D in theaters.

Other than the latest details on 3D playing a big factor in the upcoming Resident Evil film, we do know that Anderson is interested in bringing back Binbing Li who played Ada Wong in Retribution though we can also expect actress Milla Jovoich reprise her role as Alice. While IMDB hasn’t always been correct in the past with credited cast, apparently Wentworth Miller will play Chris Redfield, Ali Larter will be Claire Refield, Jill Valentine is back thanks to Sienna Guillory and lastly Johann Urb will be playing Leon S. Kennedy.

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