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The Division 1.1 Update Has Caused Some Characters To Be Completely Deleted On Xbox One

by Dean James


The Division had a little bit of a rocky launch with servers at first, but they were smoothed over pretty quickly and have had little problems since. Yesterday then brought us the much awaited 1.1 update that added features like the game’s first Incursion, but some players are now finding themselves with a critical problem upon loading up their Xbox One version of the game.

Following the downtime for maintenance yesterday morning, players naturally wanted to sign on and check out the changes that have been made in update 1.1. For the majority of players, this was no problem at all and they were able to play as usual.

However, a number of posters on The Division subreddit started posting about their characters being completely wiped and missing. This is obviously a major concern for people that have put hours upon hours into the game since launch, with one poster even stating his character had 150 hours put into it.

Some reported that the first time turning it on everything was fine, they received an error and then their character was gone after actually getting online. If you have been on multiple times since or for an extended period of time, it’s very likely you have not been affected by this glitch.

Thankfully, the developer Ubisoft Massive is looking into the situation and a member of their team has responded on the Reddit thread and said the following.

“Hi everyone, just so you know the dev team is aware of this and are working on it (you should have your characters back). Could I please ask you to create a ticket with our support if you’re affected by this at just so we can keep track and investigate where necessary. Thanks”

The good news is that he says that people should be getting their characters back. It would really be terrible for all those hard earned hours to go down the drain due to a glitch, so hopefully this is resolved pretty quickly.

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