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Domain Registrations Point to New Rainbow Six Title

by William Schwartz


Tom Clancy games have been missing in action as of late.  Not including Splinter Cell: Conviction it’s been a while since we’ve seen some of the core shooter franchises from Ubisoft.  Ghost Recon hasn’t been heard from in quite some time, and anything from the Rainbow Six series has been on the lam even longer.  That’s all about to change, because a recent entry on a developer resume seen on LinkedIn points to a new entry in the Rainbow Six universe.

Spotted by our source at NeoGAF, the resume for recording engineer Sean Popejoy’s found on his LinkedIn profile claims he “developed Pro Tools sessions from Ubisoft audio for the game demo of Rainbow Six (2011).”

Not content with waiting for more confirmation from Ubisoft the user also dug a little deeper to find a domain name that was filed back in 2009:  The domain name was filed back in ’09 but was recently amended in 2010.  Rainbow Six is one of the longest running franchises in gaming, spanning over a decade, with the last entries Rainbow Six: Vegas & Rainbow Six: Vegas 2 both launching in this generation.

Something to get excited about for a possible E3 announcement?  It’s hard to tell at this point as we’ve heard not even a peep about a new Rainbow Six title.

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