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Don’t Starve Together Patch Fixes Twitch Plays Button Bug


On a roll after integrating the Reign of Giants expansion into their Early Access co-op game, Don’t Starve Together, Klei Games have released a patch primarily focused on fixing a bug for the developer-made mod Twitch Plays Together. Taking inspiration from 2014’s Twitch Plays Pokemon phenomenon, Twitch Plays Together allows a game to receive commands from viewers while broadcasting on Twitch. Commands use triggers in the environment to affect the player, from giving them butterfingers (forcing them to drop items) to raining frogs on them (that one… makes it rain frogs). Below are the patch notes, as posted from Steam.

  • Dragonfly now respawns much faster after despawning due to leashing. (Down from 16 minutes to 15 seconds) 
  • Extinguish will now show up as a secondary command when you have a tool equipped
Bug Fixes
  • Twitch Plays button will now properly attempt to recover after a disconnection from your channel, without having to shut down and relaunch the entire game. (The Twitch action bar disappears when connection is lost for any reason. Previously, clicking the button again will show the bar again without reconnecting to your channel first.) 
  • Fix a crash sometimes when a Catcoon is killed 
  • Smoldering effects will no longer appear randomly after reloading a world (requires loading, saving, and reloading the world once more to fix this) 
  • Dragonfly customization options now actually do something 
  • Dragonfly no longer collides with obstacles 
  • ‘worldgenoverride.lua’ triggers at the correct spot in the regen process, so now ‘view world’ correctly displays settings for dedicated servers

Don’t Starve Together is now available on Steam via Early Access.

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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