Double Weapon XP in Black Ops 3 Coming this Weekend

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Following last week’s Double XP event for Black Ops 3, Call of Duty players will get a chance at Double Weapon XP this weekend.  While Treyarch teased players with their in-game message that they should rest up and get hydrated we now know that this is the event they were teasing at.

Double Weapon XP will give players a boost towards unlocking diamond camos for their guns.  The exclusive camo is reserved for players who can finish all challenges for every weapon in a specific class.  Double Weapon XP won’t let you shortcut through some of the challenges though, things like the headshot challenges will still need to be earned the old fashioned way… with a laser sight.

The Double Weapon XP Event will run from Thursday 10 AM PST until Monday at 10 AM PST.

Treyarch has been giving players weekly events frequently this year with Black Ops 3.  Between Double XP and Double Weapon XP players have plenty to keep them occupied.

Now if they would only have a Cryptokey event so I can actually unlock a taunt or gesture for the Specialist that I use the most that would be great.

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