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Dragon Ball Xenoverse’s Mystery Fighter Details Revealed

by Dean James


Not too long ago, we learned that the next entry in the almost yearly Dragon Ball Z series of games was going to be titled Dragon Ball Xenoverse and coming to both PlayStation 4 as well as Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Since then, we’ve heard some teases that the game would at least feature a partly original storyline, unlike most Dragon Ball games. As a result, gamers have been extremely excited at the potential of some new Dragon Ball content aside from the new movies we are getting, so any new information is always appreciated.

One mystery that cropped up awhile ago was a mysterious looking fighter from the future with a scouter that would be involved somehow. Luckily, the latest V-Jump magazine has given us a few more details about Dragon Ball Xenoverse and this new fighter.


First of all, the scan shows Android/Cell saga Yamcha speaking with the mysterious fighter, whom he is donating his energy to because he didn’t think he would be much help. We then see that he is able to transform to a Super Saiyan, but who isn’t these days? The magazine alludes to a reveal on how he can turn into a Super Saiyan in next month’s issue, so we’ll have to wait to learn more on that one.

It also appears that he will somehow shape the course of history through choices you get to make during the game. The magazine specifically says:

  • “Communication in the middle of battle will spin an unknown tale…?”

While a bit confusing, it sounds like we will see some alternate timeline stories, which is always good for a series that has been done so many times by now. Dragon Ball Xenoverse is expected to release sometime in 2015, so I’m sure we’ll be getting plenty of new details in the coming months.

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