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Dragon Quest XI Logo Leaks Ahead Of Announcement, What Platform Is It For?

by Dean James


It has been quite awhile since the Dragon Quest franchise has gotten a new mainline game that isn’t an MMO, with Dragon Quest IX being the last. The official reveal for Dragon Quest IX is almost certainly  coming in only a few hours, but an early leak may have hinted at what platform is could be for.

Dragon Quest XI is the game that fans of the Dragon Quest franchise have been waiting for over the last many years and a lack of information about the game has been frustrating.

However, the wait for info seems to be over as Square Enix is holding a special Dragon Quest related stream on YouTube and Nico Nico that is said to finally announce Dragon Quest XI officially.


Ahead of this stream, a logo has leaked courtesy of Gematsu that has the subtitle “過ぎ去りし時を求めて,” or “In Search of Departed Time.” The logo as seen on the right is incredibly small and has worried some that it might be for 3DS again instead of a console at many have hoped. This low-res image could just be small because of being a leak, but it wouldn’t be out of the question to see it on handhelds again.

In addition, another logo was found for a game called Dragon Quest: Monster Battle Scanner, which is assumed to be a mobile based game of some sort.

Make sure to stay tuned for details of the official reveal for Dragon Quest XI as soon as it get announced.

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