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Driveclub will be worth the wait, says Yoshida


PlayStation 4 owners are patiently waiting for Driveclub following a delay that pushed the racer away from the console’s launch window. Though Sony’s Shuhei Yoshida believes that the extra time Evolution Studio has put into the game will make it well worth the wait.

The visuals and experience are only going to get better

“The extra time we’re giving the team means the visuals and overall experience are only going to get better. We can assue you that it will be worth the wait,” Yoshida told Gamespot.

Yoshida also shot down rumors that Driveclub was delayed due to possible “Project Morpheus” VR compatibility. Which turns out, is not the case. “There’s a rumor about the reason of the pushback of Driveclub was to make it Morpheus compatibile… that’s totally untrue.”

Neither Sony nor Yoshida has clarified when Driveclub will release at this point. The last known date is sometime in spring 2014, which could be awfully soon, unless rumors of another incoming delay announcement turn out to be true.

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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