Dungeons & Dragons Getting Movie Treatment From Hasbro & Warner Brothers

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With all the hoopla surrounding the upcoming Warcraft movie, it seems Warner Brothers wants in on that fantasy-action movie genre with Dungeons & Dragons.

Warner Brothers & Hasbro has announced that fans can expect the movie in the somewhat near future. A priority has been given to the project as the script has already been completed by David Leslie Johnson, whom is known for The Conjuring 2, and Wrath of the Titans. The last attempt at a movie was 2000’s Dungeons & Dragons which was heavily panned and received a 10% fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes at time of release and currently holds at score of 14 on Metacritic.

Hopefully with modern technology and all the advancements since, the new release will be a lot more fruitful in the eyes of critics and fans. So far no other staff or cast members have been announced. However, it seems that the powers that be have put a rush on this movie, pushing it along at a quick pace, so fans should expect announcements soon.

Fans can only hope for the best at this point. A great cast and great support could only do well for a massive project like this. What do you think should be the focus of a story as long and telling as that of Dungeons & Dragons, and who should be cast? Let us know in the comments below.

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