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Dying Light’s Post-Launch Support Continues With New Eye-Tracking Feature

by Mike Guarino


Dying Light originally launched in January 2015, but that hasn’t stopped developer Techland from continuing to support the game as we near the 2-year-anniversary of its release. This one is definitely a little different compared to the updates that the game has received in the past, however, as this one is about eye-tracking.

The latest update to the game adds 14 eye-tracking options, though you will need the Tobii EyeX Controller in order to be able to utilize them. The following is everything that you can do with eye-tracking in Dying Light:

  • Clean UI
  • Extended view
  • Auto pause
  • Dynamic light
  • Automatic interaction with gaze
  • Flashlight control
  • Multi-throw with gaze
  • Aim with gaze
  • Throw with gaze
  • Interact with gaze
  • Zombie awareness
  • Vault with gaze
  • Climb with gaze
  • Auto-climb when sprinting

This update definitely won’t appeal to nearly as many players as previous updates seeing as it requires a certain controller in order to utilize it, but it nevertheless is pretty cool to see what it can do. The developer released a video showing the functionality off in action, which you can see for yourself at the bottom of this post.

While the original edition of Dying Light was a solid experience in its own right, it was made better with the release of the Enhanced Edition that included the fantastic The Following DLC. That DLC takes the action out of the city and into the countryside where protagonist Kyle Crane is investigating a cultist group that is apparently immune to the infection. We loved it when we played it early last year, giving it 4.5/5 stars in our review.

It has been a while since we’ve gotten any news regarding the future of this series, such as whether or not there will be a sequel. The first game was definitely a big success and was received well by the community, so a sequel would seem like a no-brainer to happen at some point.

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