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E3 2015: Star Wars Battlefront On PS4 Is The Game’s Leading Platform

by Damian Seeto


It was recently revealed at E3 2015 that the lead platform for Star Wars Battlefront is the PS4 version.

PS4Daily had a chance to talk to an EA rep at E3 2015. The EA rep confirmed that “PS4 is the lead platform for now” for Star Wars Battlefront.

Every gameplay video seen from Star Wars Battlefront so far has been for the PS4 version. The first trailer was PS4 footage, plus all of the E3 2015 trailers were from Sony’s console too.

PS4Daily also noted all of the Star Wars Battlefront games being run at E3 2015 were on PS4 consoles. No version of Star Wars Battlefront was being run on a PC or Xbox One.

Star Wars Battlefront looks pretty amazing on PS4 and this is probably good news for other platform owners. It’s likely the PC and Xbox One versions will look similar. It’s unlikely one version of the game will look that bad.

As for PS4 owners, they can be happy with the way Star Wars Battlefront is currently looking like. EA showed a ton of actual gameplay footage.

The multiplayer gameplay trailer has already notched up millions of views on YouTube. The missions gamplay from Sony’s presentation has also been popular too.

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