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E3 2016: Bulletstorm Remaster Revealed On An Xbox USB

by Damian Seeto


Here’s an interesting development. A journalist at E3 2016 found a folder for Bulletstorm Remaster full of screenshots while using an Xbox USB.

Polygon’s Nick Robinson tweeted out: “Uh, so… I just found a folder on an Xbox USB called “Bulletstorm Remaster.” No mention of this anywhere online. Huh!

Robinson said a lot of press members were given the USB in order to upload screenshots and other things. He just stumbled upon the folder while browsing around.

This is very interesting because this game has not been announced anywhere by anyone. It looks official since he found it on an Xbox USB and screenshots also have been released. One of the screenshots you can see above you.

We’re not sure if this is a leak or hidden announcement but we will keep you posted. The screenshots and everything have already been blasted all over NeoGAF and a lot of people are excited over a Bulletstorm Remaster.

Hopefully Microsoft or anybody else comes forward to actually announce this game properly. In related news, there was even a folder dedicated to a game based on Chikara Wrestling. Robinson posted some screenshots of the wrestling game via Twitter as well.

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