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EA And Nexon Team Up To Develop Titanfall Online

by Damian Seeto


It appears as if EA is teaming up with Nexon to make a game called “Titanfall Online”. If you are familiar with Nexon, they are a Korean developer specializing in free to play PC and mobile games.

This report comes courtesy of Game Focus (via NeoGaf). EA and Nexon will be making Titanfall Online. The official name is still tentative, but it’s likely to be the real title of the game.

It’s possible this new game in the franchise will only be offered in specific regions such as in Asia. This could be similar to how Halo Online is exclusive to Russia only. It’s likely Western countries aren’t going to see this game come out on their shores.

Titanfall Online is still early in development, so we may not see much gameplay from it yet. Game Focus provided what looks like to be an early screenshot from the game. It will still have lots of titans roaming around and will be action orientated.

This new addition may use some of the assets already used in the first game. It looks like Respawn Entertainment has no involvement on this free to play version of the game. They are currently working on the sequel that will be out sometime in the near future.

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