EA Announce Battlefield Hardline Community Missions

by AOTF Staff

Over the next month as part of ‘Battlefest’ EA and Visceral Games will be unveiling community missions for their hit first person shooter title Battlefield Hardline.

The community missions will cover each of the four player classes in Battlefield Hardline. Aiming to put each class in the spotlight for a week, the Operator class is the first to receive the special treatment. Similar to the Assault class from Battlefield 4, the Operator class comes equipped with First Aid Packs and Defibrillators to help keep other gamers in the fight. Defibrillators can also be an entertaining way to down enemies, causing some humiliation, as well as the more conventional use of reviving fallen comrades.

Offering the community the chance to unlock a Battlefield Hardline themed ‘goodie bag’, in the form of a Gold Battlepack, EA look to test Operators. EA commented on the announcement of the mission, “We’ve prepped a Community Mission exclusive to all you Operators out there, challenging your quick thinking and team play skills.” As announced by Visceral Games the Operator community mission is as follows:

“Your objective: We want you to revive 10 million teammates before April 13, 2AM PDT. If you deliver, we’ll award you with a Gold Battlepack full of in-game goodies and a stunning Operator-themed wallpaper. The Community Mission is active between April 7, 9AM PT and April 13, 2AM PT. You can track the mission progress on the ‘Missions’ tab on Battlelog.”

If successful completed the Operator community mission Gold Battlepack will be rewarded from April 15th.