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EA finally announces Star Wars Battlefront 2 open beta dates

by Lewis White


Star Wars Battlefront 2 made quite an impression at Electronic Arts’ EA Play 2017 event this year, but the question on everyone’s mind is when they’ll get a chance to try out the game before its November 17th release date. Well, EA have heard your begging and have finally revealed some details on the game’s upcoming open beta.

Announced through the PlayStation Blog, Star Wars Battlefront 2’s open beta will take place from October 6th to October 9th, with pre-order customers having an extra two days of play before the open beta starts.

The beta’s focus will be on Battlefront 2’s gigantic 40-player skirmish The Galactic Assault on Naboo, the location and game type that was shown off extensively at EA Play. With the options of playing as either the Seperatists (The Droid Army) or the Republic (Clone Troopers), the beta will give you access to four classes (Assault, Heavy, Officer and Specialist) as well as a number of prequel-era vehicles.

Battlefront 2’s beta will also give players access to the game’s Starfighter Assault mode in which you’ll “be able to take part in epic an epic starfighter assault set during the original trilogy era, piloting an assortment of Star Wars’ greatest ships in an objective-based, multi-stage battle.” Enticing!

Hopefully Star Wars Battlefront 2’s multiplayer beta will give us a good look into the game’s hopefully large hero roster as well as let us dive into the game’s controversial loot boxes. Good or bad, we’ll keep you updated closer to release.

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