EA Is The Top Video Games Publisher On PS4 And Xbox One This Year; Madden 15 And FIFA 16 Impress

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EA has announced its latest financial results for Q2 FY16. The numbers have been impressive for the publisher so far this year.

The biggest news from the report is that EA is the number 1 publisher on the PS4 and Xbox One “in the Western World calendar year to date and for Q2 FY16“. One of the main reasons for the publisher’s huge success is thanks to the releases of both Madden NFL 15 and FIFA 16.

Gridiron is the most popular sport in the USA, while Football is popular around the world specifically in Europe and South America. Even though both Madden and FIFA are annual franchises, millions of gamers buy each new iteration each year and there has been no sign of sales slowing down.

Madden NFL 15, FIFA 16 and NHL 15 actually had a 30 percent player average increase year-over-year. These franchises are actually increasing its fans instead of decreasing. Sadly, NBA Live 16 is off the list as not many people bought that game…

Outside of sports, Star Wars: The Old Republic increase its subscription user base by 33 percent. This is thanks to the announcement of the Knights of the Fallen Empire expansion. Not to mention Star Wars hype is at fever pitch with The Force Awakens coming out soon.

Battlefield 4 and Battlefield Hardline collectively have “more than 6 million monthly average players“. EA also repeated the statement that Star Wars Battlefront’s beta exceeded over 9.5 million players. This is the biggest beta in the company’s history.

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