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EA Is Not Afraid Of PS4.5 And Xbox 1.5 Consoles

by Damian Seeto


Several developers have spoken out on the rumored PS4.5 and Xbox 1.5 consoles and they’re not keen on them coming out. EA on the other hand is not scared of their arrivals.

Some developers don’t like the extra work that is required to make games for the upgraded PS4.5 and Xbox 1.5 consoles. This is because they would effectively have to make adjustments to their games for both the upgraded consoles and the original versions.

EA’s CFO, Blake Jorgensen, mentioned during the most recent investor’s call that the company is not spending “a lot of time worrying about it“. EA is confident with its Frostbite game engine as it’s diverse and is able to work on any platform.

Jorgensen also mentioned he’s looking forward to E3 2016 and beyond if Sony and Microsoft are to announce the upgraded consoles very soon. It’s expected Sony’s console will be out first to take advantage of video games being released for the PlayStation VR device.

Gamers don’t have to worry too much about the upgraded consoles because the original PS4 and Xbox One machines are still going to be supported for the foreseeable future.

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