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EA Play on Xbox Game Pass for PC Delayed to 2021

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order fans have longer to wait on PC

by Kyle Hanson


Xbox Game Pass was already seen as one of the biggest and best deals in video games, but it cemented that legacy with the addition of EA Play earlier this year for Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S. Subscribers were given access to all of the huge catalog of titles featured on the lower tier of EA’s service, with the promise that they would also arrive on PC soon. However, while EA Play for Xbox Game Pass on PC is still coming, issues have arisen that pushed the release date back into 2021.

“When we originally set out to write this blog post, which would announce the availability of EA Play on PC with Xbox Game Pass, it looked a little bit different,” the official announcement begins. “Unfortunately, what had been a celebratory post is now one asking for a little more patience: We made the decision to delay until 2021 the release of EA Play on PC as part of the Xbox Game Pass for PC and Ultimate memberships.”

Microsoft doesn’t make clear what the hold up is specifically. It’s likely a technical issue rather than any problems between the two companies. Microsoft and EA have been partners in the game subscription model from the very beginning, with EA Play launching as an Xbox exclusive membership. The service has grown quite a bit since then and the partial merger of the two platforms has been a big success all around it seems.

So while something has caused a delay into next year it seems like it’s just a matter of time before Microsoft and EA are able to work through whatever is causing the issues. The announcement concludes by promising more info soon, so check back to see when EA Play will finally arrive on Xbox Game Pass for PC some time in 2021.

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