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God of War III and Heavy Rain snubbed for GOTY honors

by William Schwartz


In a recent article for Red Dead Redemption we get a quick glance at how gaming journalists are seeing the early runnings for Game of the Year.  Colin Moriarty an editor at one of the biggest gaming websites on the planet, IGN, is quoted as saying:

Red Dead Redemption is, in my estimation, the third best game of the year (behind Mega Man 10 and Mass Effect 2), which is quite the compliment in a year as busy as 2010. – IGN

We’re gonna go ahead and label 2010 preemptively as the year of the shaft.  If Mega Man 10 gets more votes than either God of War 3 or Heavy Rain I will officially stop giving a shit what websites say altogether.

What’s next? Farmville GOTY runner up Evony.

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