Elden Ring’s Tutorial May Not Be in the Best Place

You might have missed this important section at the start of the game.

by Carlos Hurtado

Some players may have missed Elden Ring’s Tutorial at the start of the game. So far, the title has been highly acclaimed and has around 600 thousand players on Steam right now. Surpassing games like Apex Legends, Rust, and even PUBG: Battlegrounds.

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Elden Ring starts as many Dark Souls-inspired games do, in a dark room with some subtle cues and a tutorial that leaves some stuff in the dark, or at least many players thought this was the case. Turns out the game has a combat tutorial that could be of great use for new players of the genre that are not familiar with the type of combat and flow of the game.

According to a Reddit post on the Elden Ring subreddit, many players missed this tutorial, having to learn the combat mechanics by themselves. This is not something you should not do in a game like this, where two hits from an enemy can take more than half of your health. Some players even went to the extreme lengths of starting a new game just to experience the tutorial firsthand and see what they were missing.

Right after the first cinematic ends, players will find themselves in a dark cave. What many players did not know is that just before they get to the door that takes them out of the room, there is another path that teaches them a lot of valuable information about the game’s combat.

Many players missed this tutorial, and some found out about the tutorial cave when they came back later. Some players found funny the experience while others wondered why they put this tutorial hidden in plain sight. All in all, this tutorial cave was a surprise for many players. Some of them even started discussing the fact that this is an easy way to make new players of the genre steer away from the series.

The console versions of the game received high scores on Metacritic, going as high as 97. The PC port of the game is a whole different story, even though the score is about the same. The amount of user complaints is impressive. Many players are experiencing tons of problems related to ultra-wide support, poor optimization, controller prompts not changing when plugging a controller, and more.

We hope From Software developers get a grip on these issues and start dropping some updates soon, so players can experience the game how they should. The game has around 600,000 active players on Steam, so it is safe to assume that many players are enjoying the title despite these issues. If you are having a hard time going through the game, consider checking out our Elden Ring guides. There you may find all the answers you need to enjoy the game.

Elden Ring is available now on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.