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Dataminer Discovers New Morrowind Map in Elder Scrolls Online

by Kevin Reyes


Is Bethesda planning to release Morrowind related DLC for The Elder Scrolls Online this coming year? That seems to be the case as Reddit user FloorBelow claims to have found evidence that Vvardenfell, the primary setting of The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind, is coming to Elder Scrolls Online. According to this thread on r/elderscrollsonline, FloorBelow managed to unearth a development map that matches the classic region from the third Elder Scrolls game.

In addition to uploading the discovered map, FloorBelow also shared some other tidbits of information that he found through the game’s files.

He comments that there are  several new tilesets in the game that cover every architectural style in the original Morrowind with the exception of Imperial towns and castles. Which makes sense since The Elder Scrolls Online takes place long before Morrowind became an Imperial colony.

He also states that the area there are some areas that appear to be inaccessible. He specifically mentions Red Mountain, the massive volcano in the middle of Vvardenfell, and Sheogorad, the archipelago in the northern part of the region.

To compensate for these seemingly locked areas, it looks like Vvardenfell has some new locations that didn’t exist in the original game. A Redoran town near Andrasreth and a Hlaalu town near where Caldera will be in the future are all new places that players can explore.

Finally, he compares the newly discovered map with those of Wrothgar and Stonefalls and concludes that, even with Red Mountain inaccessible, Vvardenfell will be the largest PvE zone in the game so far. He guesses that it will be twice the size of Stonefalls.

So is this a sign of Bethesda releasing a Morrowind expansion for The Elder Scrolls Online this year? We can’t say anything for certain as of now, but it should be noted that 2017 marks the 15th anniversary of the original game which first came out in 2002. Which would make this year the perfect time to release new Morrowind content as a celebration of their anniversary.

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