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Elite: Dangerous Executive Producer Comments On Smuggling & Powerplay

by William Schwartz


Michael Brookes, Executive Producer on Elite: Dangerous, has recently answered fans’ questions on upcoming features and tweaks, which are being brought in with the upcoming Powerplay update.

Brookes started by once again reminding gamers that the Powerplay update isn’t all about new features and content. When asked by a fan if the player grouping issues they’d experienced since the Wings update have been fixed he responded “we’ve fixed a bunch of issues for Wings, whether that fixes your specific issues I don’t know.”

One of major hot topics of Powerplay is the changes to the smuggling mechanics in Elite: Dangerous. The team had previously mentioned that players trading rank would take into account smuggling profits before the release of Powerplay. However, according to the team this tweak is now scheduled to be in the initial release of the Powerplay update and not before it, as originally planned. Brookes has also announced that the team is “adding a few tweaks for smuggling in Powerplay” with one being that stolen and illegal goods are to be “treated differently” by the game.

A big part in the new mission structure is status that unlocks new missions. While the team has mentioned that everyone will start on “equal footing with powers”, founders are set to receive additional content through their backer status.

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